Samsung Corby Themes

Samsung S3650 Corby aka Genie

There are hundreds of free Samsung Corby themes available to download off the internet. This is great news if you love to customise your stuff and make it unique.

It's also easy to customise the Samsung Corby by changing the coloured back panels and changing the wallpaper and icons. The Corby is available in Jamaican Yellow, Festival Orange, Minimal White and Cupid Pink

Best Samsung Corby Applications

The Samsung Corby has the following application built in to the phone, and they're really easy to use!

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Samsung Corby Features

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 Last updated on November 16, 2009

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Ajish 5 years ago

Corby, looks different, Im not impressed by it s apperance, its too costlier too, apart from that it has only one camera, if at all it has 2 camera, it might may worthfulll for that amount. Samsung battery will not stand for a long time as that of the Nokia, so please dont go for this

Read more:

corby_kiddah03 5 years ago

i have one too..and im impressoned of a really good phone !

Shruthi 5 years ago

The battery can stand upto 9hours...thats pretty impressive...i have one which i bought a month ago and am satisfied with it

hispersonal-locket 5 years ago

hey! where can i download samsung corby themes? i cant find it >

Maz Grundy profile image

Maz Grundy 5 years ago from Manchester, UK Hub Author

Hey hispersonal-locket

You can get loads of ace free wallpapers at Zedge:


priyesh 4 years ago

i want corby themes!!

pls help!!


Maz Grundy profile image

Maz Grundy 4 years ago from Manchester, UK Hub Author

Debjit 4 years ago

camera of this phone is too good..

but it dont support maximam type of softwares..

its battry is too good...

Shoeb 4 years ago

Hi! i just baught new samsung corby wifi. is that any sofware avail. to play a avi files, n thnx for themes maz grundy

kim 4 years ago

very cute i got this one ..

tilak 4 years ago

its a worthy phone.......

Noname 4 years ago

theme please..!!

this link is for wallpaper not a theme


Tusshar 4 years ago

ziad 4 years ago

plz we need new themes

venkat 4 years ago

I have also bought the New Corby ..

I was searching 4 the Themes .. I ve searching for the themes .... If you got any please help me

With Regards


ahmadharb 4 years ago

heyy corby is great i got 1

but i cant find wallpapers and themes and programs plz help me and plz send ur answers 2


daya 4 years ago

soooooooooooooooooo niceee

i loved it



great phone

rahul 4 years ago

hi ...i want themes for my corby-mate (B3313).pls help me.

Ankur 4 years ago

I just love corby b'coz it is so cool

BANINDER 4 years ago


Gorgeously profile image

Gorgeously 4 years ago from United States

I like this phone. Samsung corby is cool

sarath 4 years ago

very nice and very good options

jazel 4 years ago

how can i fit the wallpaper i want in corby??

if it has three sides of it?

partho modak 4 years ago

wonderfull and very nice

loli 4 years ago

hey guys im facing this problem too, i cnt fit the wallpaper in my corby! any ideas!!

Enoey 4 years ago

Is there any cute themes for corby, please....

naresh 4 years ago

hi plz help

we need theams plz send links for



MT 4 years ago

Hey, Looking for samsung corby pro themes, cant find them no matter wht. if u do need games for the phone go to mobile9 select games with resolution 240*320. to install jar files though u wud need a trick search "How to install .jar files on samsung corby pro" on google. You will get the trick there

abhilasha 4 years ago

i got in gift,its awesome,but unable to download THEMES ..plz help

maggie 4 years ago

hi guys pleasehelp me how to download themes for my corby...

honey 4 years ago

my boyfriend gave me samsung corby wifi. it's the best ever. you will never regret buying this phone.

isabel 4 years ago


Ipod 4 years ago

For Samsung Corby wallpapers refer

Rajesh 4 years ago

Any corby gis

moussa sadio 4 years ago

je veux des theme pour le samsung s3650

sanju  4 years ago

super phone

Kenny 4 years ago

I bought corby chat it was super samsung is the best!

musamon 4 years ago

oh well i love my corby wifi ^^

sports blog 4 years ago

It's an awesome product by samsung! I would like to recommend this handy product!


Minku  4 years ago


pratik jain 4 years ago

hey where can i change massage tone in corby s-3653

pink_love 4 years ago - here u can download walpers for corby

hetul 4 years ago

we want corby theams

hetul 4 years ago

we want corby theams

tusshar 4 years ago

For wallpapers & Games ---

aaaaaa 4 years ago

superb corby

Nakul  4 years ago

i want theams and some free games

Pravin 4 years ago

everyone's providing link for just wallpapers. we can find lots of them. But what we want is themes not wallpapers. So it would nice if u would provide real link to download themes.

nguyen ngoc tuong van 4 years ago

tieng anh ko zay?

CCC 4 years ago

There are no downloadable themes for Samsung Corby

camille 4 years ago

this is a good phone. you can record songs from the phone's own fm so if your song comes up, you can record it. unfortunately, i didn't know earlier that there are no themes available for this one. sucks

albert 4 years ago

why my corby pro tooks longer time to enter wifi? or i dont understandvto setup wifi connection...

albert 4 years ago

why my corby pro tooks longer time to enter wifi? or i dont understandvto setup wifi connection...

NAICKER 4 years ago


ATHMA 4 years ago

if any one knows the link to download free samsung corby themes pls send me the link

missaoki 4 years ago

Why do people keep on giving links to wallpaper download and all of the questions are asking about how to download theme?

vijay 4 years ago

dey sorry thalainkala eppidida corby theme download panrathu

How to dowload corby theme answer me quickly

thala ajith 4 years ago

aama naina inta kasmalankaloda periya rothana pochu

theme corby u know english i know english

ba ba black ship ......

parteekn 4 years ago

isse ganda phone nhi h

Umesh 4 years ago

Recently i've bought Samsung corby. i'm not satisfied with coz it wont player videos at full screen, it wont allow you to install more applications and i'm not able to do more stuff with it as i can do with Sony Ericsson..

I am always recommend to go for Sony Ericsson.. nice fone for music, customization as u wish...

Umesh 4 years ago

Recently i've bought Samsung corby. i'm not satisfied with coz it wont player videos at full screen, it wont allow you to install more applications and i'm not able to do more stuff with it as i can do with Sony Ericsson..

I am always recommend to go for Sony Ericsson.. nice fone for music, customization as u wish...

eddy 4 years ago

please help mi find out some samsung corby b3313 themes .............

crystal 4 years ago

hey I want to buy this phone where can I download the themes?? can u give me the link?? the real link that can download themes for corby

crystal 4 years ago

hey I want to buy this phone where can I download the themes?? can u give me the link?? the real link that can download themes for samsung corby pop. :D help me please

franz 4 years ago

wallpaper and themes are different right..? what im looking for is a them , not a wallpaper .. so where?

Caesar 4 years ago




lucky 4 years ago

i have Corby WiFi but s3653 and it rocks.. i love to make wallpapers by myself and also i love the widgets but i don't know where to download themes!! i can only change wallpapers can you please help !

zie 4 years ago

bajingan, kok ra ono sing upload themes ki piye? mung wallpaper thok, ra butuh su...

Mohan 4 years ago

Sorry guys There is no themes for samsung corby mobile phone on internet or anywer, u never able to instal a theme file on setting option on this phone. This phone only supports wallpapers, 240 *320 screen res games and some of jad file softwares.

PANKAJ KUKREJA 4 years ago


suresh 4 years ago

good i take this cell

mahmudul hasan 4 years ago

mal e loy ...................sumsung corby akta orginal mal

dean bruce victor 4 years ago

i just bought samsung corby mate its good used it for 1 week it is excellent only prob..cant add new themes if any one find out new themes for it please inform

TÜRK 4 years ago


P.d 4 years ago

Oh no !! bought Champ .... but frm where to download PC suite.... and themes ... they r nt available on net...had a nokia year back,,, and had soo many theme that could change every hour >>>> :( HELP ME & SOS

Samir Arya 4 years ago

SAMSUNG CORBY pro IS RUBBISH PHONE.Just THROW IT AWAY IN A DUSTBIN.u cant do any stuff with this phone.The Company have cheated with the high end customers.

dimples 4 years ago

i have a corby, and its nice.. but itll be nicer if i can download differet cute pls help me..:)

divya 4 years ago

superb phone..........

ghutz 4 years ago

i have samsung CORBY WIFI (S3653w) it is very nice phone, the widgets are cool and the SMART UNLOCK :) i bought this hone last week and the price is cheap but the phone is very elegant :) THERE IS A PROBLEM, I NEED THEMES :(

Ada 4 years ago

Hey all,

i hv corby touch fr more than 6 months nw...its cool...good browsing speed ..battery backup is awesome regardless of other samsung phones..the only drawbabck of d phone is that IT DOESN'T SUPPORT THEMES.

so guyz stop panicking..u cn't apply themes on this set!!

Leaving this,its a smart phone.

meera 4 years ago

hey cn ny1 tel whr u can get themes 4 samsung corby B3410??.....

satish 4 years ago

hi i am admin of i can able to write many important posts on samsung corby like unlocking, unknown secrets and many tones, apps and wallpapers but i cant able to find a single theme for samsung corby. where can i find them ??? 4 years ago

this phone is nothing but pure waste of money , bcoz iknw & i have used it to its limit, "limit" .this phone is ****

pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls dont go for thi phone unless ur a rich dude who owns a lambo.

:"> VietNam 4 years ago

:| That's nice phone :X

amila 4 years ago

samsung corby or any of its models even pro are not smartphones.proprietary os makes it themes frnds.beisdes in corbylike galaxy i5500 android phone.its only java supported.only java based apps u can add.five built in themes r the only what u find

mukhtar patel 4 years ago

check this link the revolution begins


preet patel 4 years ago

superb mobile........

tinee_meanie 4 years ago

i bought my samsung corby two weeks ago...

i had a lot of apps and games yet i cannot download a theme, worse i can't even find one!

can someone program a theme for this phone?

it really sucks!

i really don't like the pre-programmed themes!

burn 4 years ago

animal walay themes, geatay

no theme! 4 years ago


you can't find samsung corby themes because there are NO THEMES! and it does not support themes.

eman 4 years ago

so coooooool i love it

mocks 4 years ago

hey could you pls help me find some themes for my corby pop!! thanks in advance and merry christmas!! ^^

Lovish 4 years ago

I have a corby pro its superb...

but one problem is there in samsung corby series that you cant have theme in it as well as doen't support most of the .avi,.sis,etc other many..

but apart from them other featues are superb.....

subahsh 4 years ago

Excellent phone which i had seen in these days .

EDGAR CARDOZO 4 years ago

what a super cellphones but it do not have themes it the critical problem .to see a cell phone without a theme not looking good

Revathi 4 years ago

its very cute, i loved a lot lot

Jad  4 years ago

its amazing my battery last up to 4 days or even 5 and its features are great ,, really gd phone

sdf 4 years ago

dont buy this phone tooooooo boaring

nitish 4 years ago

Hi, If u want any themes, wallpapers, tips and hidden tricks for Samsung Corby, Go to

FIKAYO 4 years ago ---> follow this link you can i get SKYPE MOTION DETECTERS CORBYS RULE UI HAVE THEM

LAKSHMI 4 years ago


jayr 4 years ago

i think there's no downloadable themes for samsung corby...

Frauke 4 years ago

Where can i download some themes for free?

Shubam Sagar 4 years ago

if anyone is tired of getting too many options of getting wallpapers and is desperately searching for themes and is ready to do a little hard work plz e-mail me me at got all necessary softwares...;)

P.S.:the method is tough and you need to back up your phone for it...

DJ 4 years ago

very good site for the theme"@?:,-_%

akhil 4 years ago

please send new wallpaperes and themes

kris 4 years ago

themes please!!

rizki 4 years ago

this phone not good's ,corby very bad bad bad i crestfallen buy corby !!

Bhumik 4 years ago

hey frndz themes are not supported in corby...

gerard 4 years ago

how to download iphone firmwares,themes for Samsung Corby S3650 ?? plz help me

SauRav 4 years ago

Guyss corby pro doesn't support any theme

so dont waste tym to searching it on web. however it supports jar file and wallpaper

Praveen Govind 4 years ago

hieee grundy please help me out for themes. I'm totally fed up in surfing of themes for my corby S3650. Can we download from any site please suggest me buddy.

(I've Got 1...LOL) 4 years ago

lol its the easiest 2 fit a pic of 3 sides

wen the box appears in the middle of the pic wen u choose it, drag the sides of the box

and btw 4 the ppl who search 4 themes there is no themes only wallpapers

i hope my comment will help

fikayo 4 years ago

is any body actually listening to me ?

follow this link -->

fikayo 4 years ago

is any body actually listening to me ?

follow this link -->

krisko 4 years ago

Corby themes are but are only for all mobile phones but if you send you re phone of servis or download samsung pc studio you can ghange you re theme,game,system options.sorry for my bad englis i m bulgarian

meroo 4 years ago

corby hangers

AJay 4 years ago

Hi guys , unfortuantely Samsung Corby is not designed to use any 3rd party of external themes... so all we could do is use the default themes given in the mobile.. Except for that it is a wonderful phone.. Very rigid I handled it rough and tough for about almost 2 years now and it still works flawlessly

Its lookes are wonderful qwerty keypad as well. Battery backup is very good.

If you are not an application installer freak sure go for this phone... it is a gem!!

jham 4 years ago

how can i find corby theme pls tell me...

rohit 4 years ago

dose this phone sport add. software

mHiKz 4 years ago

haizt.. just brought this phone about a month... its good.. but no downloadabla themes.. sad.=(

.but its ok.. its feature were good.. nice nice..

pico 4 years ago

iiiiiiiia algun weon habla español son todos pendejos

ken 4 years ago

i just bought my corby wifi, i have this cool theme "cartoon" its cool

ken 4 years ago

i just bought my corby wifi, i have this cool theme "cartoon" its cool

ixan 4 years ago

T H E M E S..... Are there themes for this phone???? my God i can't find it!!!

faris 4 years ago

whee can i find this theme its awosem

diksha 4 years ago

i want to give a suggestion that i has very less msg should work on it.....

karthik 4 years ago

hi guys i have corby colors,

this phone doesn't supports any themes,

it's only for wallpapers,

using this below link create ur own wallpapers

thank u,

preya 4 years ago

plz let me no the link where to find themes for corby

Razana 3 years ago

Plz I want Samsung Corby themes

cd-dve 3 years ago

Uhm, "hundreds" seem to be an overstatement. I can't even find one that works for my phone. If anyone can send me a link, that would be very much appreciated

anonymous 3 years ago

its impossible to find corby themes!!! >.<

janine 3 years ago

i have a samsung curby too

u can use ur picture for s the background of ur main menu

just sharing if u dnt know tnx..

i was also searching for the themes ahehe

ramki 3 years ago

where do i get my samsung corby gt s3653 themes.........please sent to my email id

mimo 3 years ago

hey all these links r 4 wallpapers

is there any 4 themes ?

samy 3 years ago


rholdaniel E. Valete 3 years ago

CORBY 2 - s3850 - should have extended features, u cant even change your theme which is not impressive at all. I made a group in FB for complains, hope samsung cud hear us out.. please join.. thanks..

here is the link -

big MAC 3 years ago

i need new themes for corby 2.. can you help me??

deary 3 years ago

searching for a theme too :D

byang 3 years ago

any one knows where should i get some fonts of samsung corby 2.... coz really the fonts on my text messages are big and cant customize or adjust it

please do help me!!!

meyl 3 years ago

where is the "conversation" folder located in this phone??

Prashant Kamble 3 years ago


I have read all the comments

and find that many people asking for samsung coby 2 themes.

Well, I am trying to create samsung themes and created one

Try this link

Hope it will help you...

Riya 3 years ago

samsung corby is really amazing phone...nd da picture nd sound quality is awesome...nd m really satisfied with it...

rain 3 years ago

where can i find themes? help

Bab 3 years ago

Hi friends :-). My number 9008089945

Snake 3 years ago

beautiful themes for Samsung Corby 2!! i recommend to you the Tron Themes!!!

mich 3 years ago

if you're looking for themes they have lots of theme fully customized. just saying that their froggy theme, plants vs zombies theme are so cute.

obama 3 years ago

cheap phone

Caloy 3 years ago

We really don't need your Wallpapers, we need THEMES.

What can't you understand between THEMES and WALLPAPERS?

Nana 3 years ago

Hey I got a samsung corby s 3650... If someone needs a link for themes on that phome model send me an e mail and I will be glad to help... my email

corbycat profile image

corbycat 3 years ago from earth

looking for samsung corby 2 s3850 themes lots of them at

ImakeSamsungCorbyThemes 3 years ago

Good Day Guys, it seems to me that demands for samsung corby themes is high. Well, I can make you themes though but i will need most what you want on those themes (Like, what genre etc and stuff :D

enaid 3 years ago

im not satisfy in my samsung corby phone coz there's no available themes to download so boring

Riya sarkar 3 years ago

how can i put different wallpapers in different screens??

Renata 3 years ago

THEMES for Samsung Corby II:

joie 3 years ago

for themes:

Renata 3 years ago

'Jaine Antocan 3 years ago

This unit doesn't install new themes. You can't find it anywhere here on the internet. Installing wallpapers will do.

ANIQUL 3 years ago

Samsung corby is a latest version.

Kent1999 3 years ago

for samsung corby 2 unlock, just visit it here:

cha-cha 3 years ago

why there is no theme for samsung corby (s3653)?

Yetbo4Ever 3 years ago

I love my corby 2, I get used of it.

If you like wallpapers you can download more from my blog

Samsung Flash File 3 years ago

And if you in need for flash files or firmware for your Samsung Mobile Phone, just visit this page and your problems will be solved.

here is the direct page:

rhico 3 years ago

pls. give a free downlowd themes.. no registration.. for easy downlowd

charanjeet singh 3 years ago


rhico 3 years ago

i need more themes sir.

Nitish 3 years ago


jhen 3 years ago

i nid more themes in corby.... pls tnx

Freezy 3 years ago

Well its really a great phone in case off work and battery maybe a little bit laggy but at all a great choice

'Jaine Antocan 3 years ago

We're looking for a theme for S3653W, not Corby 2!

pramod 3 years ago

Maz........u looks cute....

the mobile too... :-)

zjhonnie 3 years ago

why do i can't download themes for my Corby II on says UNSUPPORTED FILE...

Xtille 3 years ago

Themes for Samsung Corby 2 can be found here:

Nick 3 years ago

sandyroza 3 years ago

i love corbyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Amanda 3 years ago

Now there is FREE Corby 2 themes available on this site:

RAKESH 3 years ago

can any body tell the site ...............that where will i get samsung S-3653 themes............


Sydney 3 years ago

I would recommend everything is free there. And the themes are pretty good

Andra 3 years ago

can i download skype to my corby 2???

pritika 3 years ago

can anybody tell me dat from were should i get videos of 240*320 resolution....for the corby mate b3313!!!!! it doen't easily plays videos......i am totally fed up!!!

Prince Chaime 3 years ago

Chalo ma di choli yawo tawno or koi kam nai comments dain to elwa

meyah972 3 years ago

where do can fing themes in samsung corby which is moving?

meyah972 3 years ago

where do can find themes in samsung corby which is moving? thank you, hope can response :)

MOHAK 3 years ago

i want themes for samsung corby GT-S3653... Is any1 can tell me file extension of themes for samsung corby....

tari 3 years ago

where I can download themes for samsung corbi GT-B3210 ??

leig_hanne 3 years ago

ahm,,so unfair....der s no themes 4 my corby i cnt download it...

jess 3 years ago

are there really no themes available for corby2(GT-S3850)???

if there are...would anyone mind to give me sites?tnx!

Akshay 3 years ago

I want themes 4 gt 5210.....

akshay 3 years ago

kiki 3 years ago

I thought this was a site for themes??????where are the themes because i don't c any

halim 3 years ago

there is no corby themes!

sunny 3 years ago

hi everybody

corby s3650 is useless phone

no themes,no 3g, no wi-fi

its a money waste phone

Megan 3 years ago

Samsung Corby is very cool..It help me to get mor3 fri3ndZ..

Baz ilz aman 3 years ago

i need themes 4 my corby 2 ,

were can i get it???

glenn 3 years ago

hi :D

could you help me search for

some cool themes for my corby S3650?

realdude 3 years ago

I wonder why i cant do the smart unlock (drawing letters) on my corby really mad >:(

realdude 3 years ago

OOOH damn how stupid i am :DD

i found smart unlock on setting , and it was off lol

now it works perfectly :3

pijen 3 years ago

you guys can download samsung corby II themes from samsung apps...just go through the menu and you'll find the samsung apps... :)

lockman alameh 3 years ago

but how

LORENZA 3 years ago

this fone very nice but no themes :(

santho 3 years ago

hi friends....

my parents gave me samsung corby II wow its just amazing i love it with my fav.color yellow .i read a problem of unfitting wallpaper.SOLUTION IS U WLD HAVE 3 OR 4 SCREENS JUST DELETE BY KEEPING THEM IN WIDGET AND THEN FIX WALLPAPER THATS IS IT .CORBYII WONDERFUL LOVE IT SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH

b.iub 3 years ago

for lots of corby wallpaper visit

Dana Bader 3 years ago

Hello My parent's gave me a Samsung corby II, it's so nice with pink color i loved it but can u tell me where can we download fonts ??

cause i want to change mine ................

please help me

but the phone is wonderfull THNX MOM & DAD

Dana Bader 3 years ago

Hello My parent's gave me a Samsung corby II, it's so nice with pink color i loved it but can u tell me where can we download fonts ??

cause i want to change mine ................

please help me

but the phone is wonderfull THNX MOM & DAD

reian 3 years ago

samsung corby II themes can actually be googled. google it guys

kishore 3 years ago

how 2 themes download for samsung curby

Ishtar 3 years ago

duhh guys. u can find it in the samsung apps..

yhanreinee 3 years ago

this phone is so cool!!! but there is no themes!!! :((((

yhanreinee 3 years ago

this phone is so cool!!! but there is no themes!!! :((((

naima 3 years ago

hi,i have samsung corbay,i forgot its password,(security),plz any 1 help me?

is 3 years ago

theme cibai

corbylove 3 years ago

themes, games and tips available @

corbylove 3 years ago

samsung corby 1 & 2 themes and games.

nagesh 3 years ago

Hi friends, i purchased samsung star II GTc6712,and im not getting any themes for this phone,anybody can suggest me how to get themes to my mobile.

plz send mail to

jefri dwiki achmadi 3 years ago

I also do not get themes and then I look at mobile9

Admin 3 years ago


D-wayne 3 years ago

Does any one know where i can find original games for samsungGT-B3410 that can turn landscape when u want them 2, plizzzz.

hitgrove 3 years ago

i have seen more themes related to samsung android one's too on may be they are also one of the best

Amar 3 years ago

i have a corby colour......i want themes 4 it.....soooooooo plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz hlep me

vinod 3 years ago

corby 1 themes in which wesite we can take please tell send sms 2 this no 8148796810

Ria 3 years ago

i want sakura themes

jacky 3 years ago

we allllllll got soooo gud phone but themes in it

yourcall2010 3 years ago

do you know themes for samsung corby wifi i really nee those

lissette 3 years ago

theme for samsung corby wifi please help me i've been searching for themes for like years .. please help me

yna 2 years ago

hey? are there available fonts and themes for samsung corby gt- S3563? THANKS.

jayr 2 years ago

how to pick themes thank you

vizzer 2 years ago from india

i have made this blog for all corby users please visit.

Futamarka 2 years ago

Среди главных предтеч хард-рока в 1960-х годах — ранние The Kinks, The Who, позже — Yardbirds, Cream и Джимми Хендрикс. Вплотную приблизились к основам жанра и другие менее известные группы второй половины 60-х — Iron Butterfly, Blue Cheer. Так же очень важную роль в становлении жанра сыграли различные группы гаражного рока, подхватившие идею «тяжелого» гитарного звучания.

shasha 7 months ago

I cannot upload pictures to every time i tried, there is a popped out message written : "We currently do not support file upload to your device." Please help me.

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